Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Upholstered Headboard

When we first moved in the house, we agreed that we would only decorate 1 of our 3 guest rooms.  We decided that the room on the first floor was perfect for guests as it has its own bathroom.

I love the color of this room because of the cottage feel.  I find myself drawn to the cooler colors and the fact that this was the color of the room when we moved in was a huge bonus.  I had been looking at blogs and kept coming across upholstered headboards with nailhead trim.  I also saw them in stores, but they were too expensive. After a little research, I decided that I could make the headboard myself and save us some money.  (The key to Andy's heart!)  My inspiration came from these sites: and  I called my wonderful friend Molly and we got to work.

(Pardon the poor picture.. this was at a recent wedding reception.)
The first thing we did was cut the foam fabric to match the measured plywood and attach it with a staple gun.  Then we took quilters batting and pulled it tightly around the foam and attached it to the plywood with more staples. (We did all of this on my dining room table after we laid down towels.)  Then we took the fabric and laid it on the table with the plywood over it.  We were careful to pull it tight on all sides so there wasn't puckering in weird places. The corners were a little difficult because we wanted the folds to lay just right.  

After we finished this, I decided I wanted nailhead trim along the edges.  In the blogs I saw, the women used a string of trim and nailed in every fourth nail.  It looked so easy!  But wouldn't you know, I couldn't find this at Joann's or Hobby Lobby as they no longer carry it.  BOO!  I was left to tack in each individual nail head.  This didn't end up being that bad because the nails just stuck into the foam and batting.  I measured the length I wanted and used trial and error until I had them placed exactly how I wanted.  

Here is the finished product:

I attached it to the wall using 2 D-ring hooks and picture wire.  I used picture hooks on the wall that could each hold 50 pounds.  (It's definitely not that heavy but I just wanted to make sure.) 

Here's a picture of what this side of the room looks like today:

The rest of the room will be another post:)

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